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maurice vaughan
Apr 10, 2013
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Rating: 0  , Hot caused by H7N9 prevention  launched for  radix isatidis  , Hot caused by H7N9 prevention  launched for  radix isatidis  , Hot caused by H7N9 prevention  launched for  radix isatidis  , Hot caused by H7N9 prevention  launched for  radix isatidis  , Hot caused by H7N9 prevention  launched for  radix isatidis

Hot caused by H7N9 prevention launched for radix isatidis

Beijing publishing H7N9 TCM prevention prevention programmesRecently, the Beijing traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, has developed H7N9 avian flu prevention programmes, in addition to prompt people to minimize contact with poultry, household poultry meat, eggs should be fully cleaned, cooked outside, clearly presents the necessary high-risk groups can also use "Chinese medicine tea" to prevent it."

Chinese medicine drink tea" prescription: for children aged 3-12, consists of Phragmites communis Trin 10G, Hypericum perforatum 3G, 1 daily, water immersion. Prescription II: adults, consists of rhizoma imperatae 5G, 3G, Daisy 3G, Radix glehniae AGASTACHE rugosa 5G, 1 daily, water immersion. Elderly frail, Qi deficiency of chronic disease populations can be Cheap adidas adiZero Rose 2.0 combined with yupingfeng San.Of traditional Chinese medicine, Beijing hints used by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine prevention prescribed, not to judge for themselves, choosing. Elderly, children should be taken under the guidance of physicians.

Prescription of traditional Chinese medicine prevention not suitable for long-term use, feel unwell after taking, should immediately stop taking medicine.Pharmacies selling of radix isatidis, sell more than usual 1 timeAt noon on April 5, reporters visited urban in liaocheng Dong Chang road, Willow Road, major pharmacies found that radix isatidis and antiviral drugs are being placed in front of the drugstore shelves, many drugstores also posted a "prevention, detoxification, anti-influenza virus" message.Reporters saw in the food market street after a drugstore, in front of the shelves, put a basket full of isatis root, are conspicuous.

A salesgirl told reporters: "our store there are three drugs sold better. Namely radix isatidis, qingrejiedu oral liquid, antiviral oral solution. Genus radix isatidis sold most of them. "The shop assistant told reporters that radix isatidis with clearing and enhancing the immune system function, is Cheap adidas adizero Rose 3.0 people standing drug, usually also often sold, but more recently sold in clear of isatis indigotica Fort.Reporters will write well in advance of traditional Chinese medicine, Beijing announced H7N9 prevention of two kinds of Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions and gave this clerk, the clerk told reporters that the prescription drug stores have, but there's no one to buy.Dongchang road large pharmacy, isatis, Qing-Kai-ling particles placed on the shelves closest to the door. Also stuck on the walls of "prevention, detoxification, anti-influenza virus" poster. The pharmacy manager told reporters, the day their pharmacies were selling 20 bags of radix isatidis, sold 1 time times more than usual. But related departments publish H7N9 avian flu prevention, two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine prescription, few people buy.

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