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Jun 12, 2011
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The star, the Philippines on June 12,, reported in the United States and the Philippines will be 杭州标志设计 held later this month sea joint military exercise. But officials said the exercises in the two countries with fei territorial disputes in the south China sea is irrelevant.


Reports say that China warned the United States not to participate in the south China sea dispute, the Philippines military confirmed the news of the joint war games. The 服装设计 Philippines military spokesman rodriguez said: "sea joint war games will be held on June 28, the western regional held in the Philippines." He also said this drill since last year has set up a file in the planned. The article points out that the exact location, about joint exercises Philippine military and for any statement 上海注册公司 published. But the western naval forces SuLuHai mostly in and around military exercise activities at sea.


Have the Philippines related, officials said the war at sea is called "Cooperation Afloat Readiness for for years-" (CARAT), in line with the beauty of the signed phillips mutual defense treaty". The U.S. navy "ZhongYun, this exercise will participate in destroyers, the destroyer has left last week and is expected to Pearl 上海搬场 Harbor near the international SuLuHai has in the waters. The Philippines armed forces chief of staff Eduardo Oban on the joint war games, "said ZhongYun" th arrival has nothing to do with fei dispute so. According to reports, Oban has said, "do something" if the south China sea, the United States can exercise the mutual cocktail dress defense treaty, to help the Philippines.


Reports said, the Philippines comments earlier announced that China ships "invasion" Philippine waters with China in the 海外公司注册 south China sea and territorial disputes occur. And just 10,, Vietnam aspects also announced will start from 13, a ball at sea exercise.

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