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Jul 1, 2011
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June 30 nov as dispatches from foreign news agencies cocktail dress report, Egypt's downtown Cairo liberation square 29 the bloodshed continued to upgrade, has left 1000 DuoRen injured.

 Officials say, 28 in the evening, ousted former President hosni mubarak anti-government movement of the family members of the victims in Cairo for the ceremony. Suburb Other the family members of the deceased arrived at the scene for their loved ones die, no names mentioned in the ceremony cad drafting displeasure. Both sides and moving to a conflict, the liberation of the downtown square.

 According to local time 29 afternoon news, when eight ambulance troops stationed in the square, the police have already left liberation liberation square. Dozens of minor young head tie shirts, throwing stones and metal, stop 服装设计 the traffic into the liberation square.

 Egypt's health ministry says, the conflict has left 1036 people were injured, including drafting services at least 40 people is the police.

 In Egypt, the ruling the supreme council of the armed forces in the statement, the recent bloodshed "no justification, just trying to shake Egyptian security and stability of Solar Water Heater the plot. They organized by the blood of the victims of the revolution to alienate the people, and the security services of the relationship between".

 Egypt's prime minister Sterilization Pouch said the thanks Ralph, he is continuing to monitor the situation, waiting for the progress of the conflict between the full report.

 Middle East news agency official Egypt, said 40 people were arrested in the conflict, including 上海注册公司 one American and one British. They are receiving military prosecutors asked.


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