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Richard, Shea
Richard Shea
Jan 7, 2013
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Rating: 0  , The Pu rocket desire packs 4 will change to cover Yi  , The Pu rocket desire packs 4 will change to cover Yi  , The Pu rocket desire packs 4 will change to cover Yi  , The Pu rocket desire packs 4 will change to cover Yi  , The Pu rocket desire packs 4 will change to cover Yi

The Pu rocket desire packs 4 will change to cover Yi

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 Past several weeks among time, Meng thin Si ash bear brigade always at look for to trade their Feng lines fierce Lu Di-cover Yi.Ash bear brigade of so want to trade Lu Di-cover Yi, its main reason is because they the ball team salary bear over-weight, because of the four greatest cores player occupy one part of salary quotas very and greatly, this makes ash bear brigade current salary total amount already more than the extravagant tax imposition line USD 4,000,000.

   Lu Di-the cover Yi before is the time in 2010 signed a total amount of money as the contract of USD 84,000,000 with ash bear brigade, this match quarter his annual salary is USD 16,400,000.The NBA talent show general assembly in in fact as early as 2012 is previous, have already had a hearsay to call ash bear brigade to have intention to look for to trade Lu Di-cover Yi.The ash bear brigade looks for to trade Lu Di once again recently-cover the front line office that the Yi took place some varieties to have certain relation, John-Huo Lin Ge and the Gu Sen-row Wei boon to join an ash bear brigade recently with their management layer, but the Chris-China Lai private is to postpone a general manager, he is in the influence of the ash bear brigade personnel's power to make decisions currently exactly have much big still not explicit Air Max 90 For Sale .

   However, the ash bear brigade wants to trade Lu Di-cover Yi not easy matter, its main reason is greatly the contract that covers Yi to lead, and the ash bear brigade have to get moreover find out one outside then the quite good outside clew member can make up the expectation value of ash bear fan.News personage also revealed, the rocket brigade probably became ash bear the brigade trade Lu Di-the object of cover Yi, from the rocket brigade current circumstance to see, they probably consider the virtuous Er thin promise Air Wildwood For Sale , way the space pulls Si and Pa especially inside gram-Pa especially the Sen and Ma Ku Si-Mo Li Si pack and used for exchanging Lu Di-cover Yi, with this compensation their Feng line.

   If the rocket brigade can pass to trade to change to Lu Di-cover Yi, that rocket brigade probably weighs to use the space thunder space-Smith on the big forward position, then at beat small appearance of time let Pa Sen Si and Lu Di-cover the Yi cooperate admire ascend to wait a person, so the small appearance power of the rocket brigade should be stronger.And Nike Air Yeezy  , Lu Di-cover the Yi is the player who has the potential growth as whole starses, return calculate young Lu Di-cover Yi in the future completely can with admire ascend, Lin Shu Hao cooperate and create a rocket brigade construction to hurtle the main ordinary members of hat ball team.


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