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salegw2, gold
salegw2 gold
Jan 30, 2013
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 Below we explain in detail under 2 by the difference between (too long, children's shoes and LZ lazy pulled the bottom to see Conclusion). Here you can clearly see the amount of melee attacks dagger DPH Dagger single damage done (thank Wan Mother awoke special correction here, 813 and weapons on display 814 As for the melee, LZ pit father Blizzard rounded no unified result ...). An elemental damage necklace necklace and a non-elemental damage (Please do not Tucao the other values, LZ originally wanted to contrast the lower panel damage bonus valid, later found to buy the wrong necklace elemental damage not crit attribute , I spent the I 50W Ocean ah. 2 trips A3 to pick to Boyd, elemental damage by guild wars 2 gold is the the Tuotuo addition panels).

Here we can clearly see the elemental damage by X% affix role in the attack damage values ​​(the value is limited to the physical value, that is, your weapons on the physical DHP + physical values ​​of the other parts of the body, such as deputies, plus jewelry injuries are physical values).

This is why heap high DPS reasons to use high DPH physical weapons + of three Lianbao ball is very affordable high DPH physical weapons three Lianbao ball cheap gw2 gold 15-18 elemental damage bonus, benefits is quite terrifying. This is also the third Compower ball 62 adder, crit, were hurt there is a disadvantage but it can compete with the other three 63 legendary instruments used even beyond.

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