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Mar 5, 2013
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Conversation, hospitality between the reception room Sakamoriba Yufeng's brother was 12 years old, came out to move the dish, only not seen his sister, they already knew that, where I went to see it with my big brother? Is clearly down sent home to be looked at, but I also had old skinned, as if to fight a life-like. Chiao shop last month after a meal to accompany royal. Month chiao owner Yufeng Tang Fang uncle, the county famous, Louis Vuitton Outlet Hangzhou, Shanghai Acquaintances gentleman at home is a bungalow, verdant cloister railing. Sit sit between the reception room of his house, I also do not pay attention to how big brother bribed joint, he took me to the back of the house Tian Mo, I just when to walk, how can we know where the backyard, Yufeng and Zhong Zimei embroidery wind and cold in the yard, pointing big brother told me to see this panic like I never ever accustomed, louis vuitton outlet store online and separated by more than ten feet, had a chance to look at the four people who she there was already perceived have fled upstairs, leaving only Hiiro terraced rice paddies, the people's House is a very neat house. Marriage Yufeng time she touches me see clearly, that is my big brother from the back of the house, went back to the living room between her upstairs to see me through the porch, wearing eggplant color chiffon pants, calicoes the blouse, my heart just felt good. Tens of millions of years, thousands of people, this is the only juvenile is his only this woman is that she actually can not choose, so the couple is marriage. So on Hang Pin, groom female family elders are assured that the two have their own fancy, I can not Poubai, but do not feel to be misunderstood or been wronged, the most real things in the world often have something like this good confused. Matchmaker groom Mi Jiashan can Rieng uncle, the female home

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