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Feb 28, 2013
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I always thought that when powerful female classmates tormented my ideal for the dance. Plus later figure without age leaps and bounds, watching grew up and became a typical "dwarf people with short legs, the dancer's dream on this wiped out. louis vuitton outlet store online But now often seen school dance kids upright and proudly from the side through my heart or faint to itch.
    There was a time old design company ran a book. Every time there I can not be self-sustaining. See a table full of dazzling design artwork, drawings, hard copy of what I was plunged into it, then designers jealousy with bloodshot eyes staring fiercely said: "I have to do life! also!!! "
    But remember when I bent to when a designer! And at that time, as it has been on the high school, since the health and mental development, and also firmly believe that you can do some planning for their future. Liked to draw, and thought to myself aesthetic taste is quite high, it was recognized design talent, potential, and future.
At that time I did not spend less effort: and design clothes at the same table with the race, drew a pile of the upper and lower body ratio 1:9 "perfect" monster (Who Cares in "Gui Gui God" that book to find relics) ; design blackboard, the weather is very cold standing blackboard previous painting two hours without complaint; design the cover of their jobs this result once because it is too complex luxury almost rejection by teachers (I was still angrily unwilling , that language covered with gold paper pulls out from under the bed before some job himself startled, this understanding when my teacher by how much stimulus); also designed signature once down the name of a good friend turn over the past design a full one hundred kinds, sent as a birthday gift, and a friend moved runny nose ...
When a reporter thought, also thought to be a lawyer, is also thought to be water-skiing athletes ...
Later, I became me now.
am neither dancer, can only hope the the people designer items back heaved, reporters dream, lawyers dream, what a lot of the dream are just a lot of dreams.
But today, Louis Vuitton Outlet I'd love to go aftertaste or in darker hues, or impulsive or really a childhood dream, and stubbornly refused to admit the ideal at the time have been dashed with the passage of time.

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