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Mar 30, 2013
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During the late Ming Zhang Xie was documented Brunei Darussalam, the "King of Popular Communication today Fujianese, with Zheng He levy, the stay in the town of their land, so the palace next to the old monument. In fact, the Yongle period was ordered to go to gushing mud  ie the late Ming niek air max 2013 australia sale  Brunei  access to the Ming envoys in official Zhang Qian but not Zheng He. Zhang Qian twice to gushing mud with the gushing mud Siwang YA Wang Ming access time escort others time to escort him to return to the throne, not the so-called "intrinsic" gushing mud fact, the opposite is order to protect â¡ mud Free by the conquest of Java.

The reason why overseas Chinese during the late Ming rumors Zheng He story, and we believe that, one is affected by domestic environmental impact. " Zheng  and, where the fate of sea surface, everyone Sheng  Cheng  and to boast outer barbarians. Especially the late Ming, thenike air max 2012 cheap  southeast coastal areas of people suffering from pirates blight was alone Luo Mao-Teng Admiral Western Popular Romance "according to Zheng He story written to sense something of meaning Apartments the Arcadian injury today, to express worry Chen .

Bullying oppression Southeast Asia Chinese living in the Western colonialists environment also need to seek a psychological demands and sustenance from the cultural resources of the motherland. So, a nautical feat Zheng He to some extent, became their patron saint. However, the appointment of Lane widespread "Golden Age story, once spread," are slang flow Danqing ear. " However, in this particular context, "saying," After all, is not a real history, we ought to put this "saying" froThe investigation shows that not only Zheng He did not directly promote civil power to immigration and expansion of Southeast Asia, and Chengzu built in Southeast Asia, China m "Dan" was nike air max 2011 netty sale   spun off.Barbarian, the emphasis is "the Huaiyuan to Germany" and "Harmony", pursuit of shared a blessing of the Pacific ", must not have any bad intentions.; King Southeast Asian countries in the liturgy accept Chengzu canonized, but the Yongle Emperor, and the Ming Dynasty did not intervene in the internal affairs of these countries, there is no occupation of these countries an inch of land. Instead, Yongle Emperor also influence the strength of the Ming in the mediation of conflicts and disputes between the countries in Southeast Asia plays a significant positive role in Southeast Asia and to some extent for him centripetal force.

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