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Mar 30, 2013
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The official must first suggestions, recommendations and views of the Chief. Suggestions of course, by way of the text, but the time of the meeting, always talking, this time face-to-face dialogue, obviously more matter some. Followed by flatter, the palaver as text in the form, but the direct snike air max 2011 netty sale  hot, face shot, after all, an immediate smile. Third is "Fudge, the idea let others believe you, agree with you. This, of course, have to direct face-to-face will be effective.

However, when it comes to talking, there is a risk, ass photographed horse legs. Emperor some ulterior motive, such as Zhu Wen and the emperor, but also often set set to lure courtiers to shoot and kill then Ann a misled his majesty charges. Such as Zhu Wen once told courtiers, willow do axle. Courtiers immediately echoed: Of course the good. Zhu Wen immediately furious: to Willow how do you play with my axles, axle nike air max 2010 for sale must with Zaomu do! So go along with the Cooler on really becomes a ghost. As for suggestions and Fudge, the danger is even greater, especially in the face of the monarch,  , do not know when touched which root asparagus, people Longyan furious, gone home to eat the guy.

So, the Qing Dynasty Sanchaoyuanlao CAO Zhen-yong said an official to kowtow, less talk. Less talk or have to say, in order to prevent wrong, Tang Su taste tell you to "ambiguous, vague, possession of the first tails, leave a noose around to play it by ear, see bends with the wind. These words "experience" and mention to people bitterly, a large number of special approval, indeed, in fact, these tricks, mostly is the emperor Laoer forced out, people have to say, was wrong, we will be Punished do not want to point almost exactly how to mix it.Most getting himself into the tongue, which is kind of trying to find fault with the leadership. The boss said the East, he said partial West, the nike air max 90 for cheap boss said he still say that the pumpkin is also good watermelon. Chinese literati went down because of uncontrollable tongue living the pull tongue hell, I do not know how much, but do not learn a lesson, is off not root. Such people, in general, can be divided into two types, one is the emperor feel doing something wrong advice to the emperor, and learn the name of a Zheng remonstrance; telling their own stories, hair very singular strange theory, not only The emperor listened to is not pleasing to the ear, and even the average person can not stand listening to.

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