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Mar 30, 2013
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A relatively common, a specialized officials, full-time doing that before the Ming Dynasty, the imperial court. If you want to say something but other officials, in theory, is also possible. This kind of thing, usually often no significant mountain dew, and only in extraordinary times, or to catch up with the very people on movement and especially large. Such as the Han dynasty half of the wife's family, the eunuch to change the authoritarian, the official post out street selling, so the self-proclaimed Qingliu literati can not stand, one after another tocheap nike air max 1 trainers   speak out, too students also followed booing downtown student protests, a wave after wave. Depriving the court had to draw dictatorship tools to fight the fight, kill kill, the copy of the copy, rushed to the scene in time. After the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the eunuch again autocracy, this time worse, simply do "legislation emperor, scholar calls again up, association, assembly, ton of bricks. Of course, the court is also more way, simply chops pants court Spanking, has been hit pulpy off the gas.

However, the real rulers feel uncomfortable tongue is the kind though not necessarily on the specific affairs of state to make irresponsible remarks, but get little the ruling ideology disrespectful, so-called "offend Norm" by. The Eastern Han Chong, non-porous thorn Meng time French Open lax, let him slip past. What between father and son the next Jung relied on their own is a saint, muddy say what affection moralbuy nike air max 95 trainers   of manufacturing child, the father had nothing out of lust, and the child's mother, Sheng things like bottle inside, something out up on two irrelevant. Cao Cao do, even minor child in the home together in advance to see Naizu and go. Ming Dynasty, Li Zhi, read a few of the Buddhist scriptures, on the muddy said disorderly way, said the Analects of Confucius, Mencius, "is nothing more than ignorant disciples of saints sects indiscriminately friendly notes head no tail incomplete.

Unbearable Although Chronicles are Confucianism Table method, the line  not harm , Shen Han  non  political, but we can not say broken, partial Li Zhi, openly said Shen Han of good things, he just ripped political fig leaf. Li Zhi, go to the seventies, caught generals ruined the old scalp. Qing dynasty literary inquisition height, but the vast majority is nothing more than the emperor their own nervousness, day hellnike air max 24 7 cheap    the that only Lu Liuliang, Zeng Jing case, is really "outrageous". Lu Liuliang in giving lectures to highlight the theme of national cause, advocating anti, although not necessarily offend Norm, but from foreigners in China, poked the Emperor Yongzheng lung tube already dead Lu Liuliang were filed bone dust, the Lu family The, Manmenchaozhan.

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