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Mar 30, 2013
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 In the late Qing Dynasty, the imperial examination repealed, the train pass Escort abolished, brothel basically abolished. Because society does not have in the past that the intelligentsia, there will be no the brothel provides advanced cultural needs. To the Republic, became a courtesan system, such as Bailu Chen, "Sunrise" inside the Bailu Chen. LiuXiaoMan the identity controversial femaleThe literaticheap nike air max 95 360   or socialite. The courtesan still retains the point Brothel traditional. Until before the founding of New China, the good socialite, or a yard on her, then we are attracted to come to your home to big celebrities here know each other. Xu, Liu Haisu, we are all understanding in LiuXiaoMan home, and then we opened the salon, partying too messy  Republic of literati.

, Regardless of the time, regardless of the order only gossip relationship: Zhang Daofan lover Jiang Biwei, Jiang Biwei husband Xu Beihong Xu Beihong lover Sun multi-Merciful, the Sun Duo Merciful husband is Xushao Di, Xu Shaodi's love child is Wang Ying-xia, Wang Ying-xia the husband inike air max excellerate mens sale s Yu Dafu.  , This tradition later gone. Us into a new society, and no longer need this decadent culture.The future, I will have time to speak Escort with the imperial examination, these three things at the same time flourished in an era annihilation. Beautiful love, freedom, rivers and lakes, knight, celebrity, celebrities, scholar with annihilation, once in our calendar

In the history of the interesting stuff.I finished the brothel, everyone should understand that, first of all, it is not a brothel; Second, it is not a prostitute, but at that time the most talented, the most educated, the most beautiful woman, and they have a lot of good cultural heritage . Brothel, I am afraid that the point of music in China do not pass down, it is estimated that Liu Yong, the great work of Guan Hanqing these people do not pass down - heritage culture, blooming love and nourish each generation celebrities. If those celebrities Brothel love free moisturenike air max classic bw for cheap   may havenot so many imaginative poems, not so much and imaginative thinking, not so much up right. Ancient celebrities own request is on the outside to be upright, moral courage, to plead with the Emperor; alien is to retain loyalty according to annals; brothel is drinking, poems and other various suave are out. We all think this is the big celebrities should do is free-spirited here, stick to their own integrity with the bottom line there.

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