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Mar 30, 2013
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Once again, the combination of the Pangu brothers and sisters as "yin and yang of the beginning", reflects the history of the ancient blood marriage, which is a combination of a development of the the Pangu myth of Fuxi - Nu Wa myth. Is still very popular now in the region of Tongbaishan  Tongbai Cultural and Historical Data "Season 6 2004.12 . Ma Hui Xin, Han Fang editor of the "Bandai the Pangu On" attached "cheap nike air max ltd 2 mens the Pangu myth election" are almost always say "Pangu brother and sister" or "Pangu Lord", the story of "the Pangu milk", indicating that this motif both wide spread old. It highlights the Pangu as human ancestors - the status of human ancestors, Pangu is the ancestral god, is the oldest ancestor of the Chinese nation.

"Complement Yan opened up"  "Past and integration · year-old power Code 83 volumes the citations  says the Pangu is muddy Dun's  Chaos's , but also" the beginning of the emperor's also Longshou personal, gods, day nine variable the eighteen thousand Chitose six decades ... collected information about Kang Sheng, the extremely rare, and almost all of them one-sided, Kang Sheng said is an evil, insidious and nike air max lunar cheap treacherous only some people because survive Kang Sheng whole, or a view of him during the Cultural Revolution did the bad thing, in 1980, Kang Sheng was expelled from the party, they wantonly broke the news Kangsheng Sheng came on the bad, Chung Kan's "" Kang Sheng rated pass "the he said into is a thirteen-year-old has a swingers 'Pirates caihua Liu rogue'.

but added that he did not betray his landlord class family life, thanks to the speculative market skills to climb. "of â  the 1982 publication" Critical Biography of Kang Sheng, if limited to the ideology of that era and unfair, and today, after 28 years, we can understand. But today's researchers, howbuy nike air max tn mens   can we continue to stay in a rut, follow the the past evaluation criteria and discourse patterns, individuals continue to Kang Sheng blindly critical rebuke, turn a blind eye to the deep-seated reasons behind the phenomenon of Kang Sheng?

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