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weiduo liya
Oct 18, 2013
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Rating: 0  , The Apple iPhone 4 is a high-end smartphone  , The Apple iPhone 4 is a high-end smartphone  , The Apple iPhone 4 is a high-end smartphone  , The Apple iPhone 4 is a high-end smartphone  , The Apple iPhone 4 is a high-end smartphone

The Apple iPhone 4 is a high-end smartphone

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It hardly comes as a surprise to learn that the Apple iPhone 4 was the sandeel most successful product to date for technology goliath.


With a little more advanced hardware and software currently on the market, the Apple iPhone 4 has received an unprecedented level of media coverage and public hype . So without further ado, lets take a look at what is arguably the world's most versatile phone

Video call - .. FaceTime Presentation


While video calling is not new in itself, the iPhone 4 offers a new breed of video calling called face time. This allows users to make video calls incomparable quality with the ability to use Wi-Fi networks to disseminate high-quality images, as well as view HD with the new Retina display.


Five megapixel digital camera.


One of the pet peeves of users previous iPhone was the low number of pixels in its cameras. The original iPhone and iPhone 3G has a simple 2 megapixel count. Apple has listened to its customers and provided a 3.2 megapixel camera with 3G. With the introduction of the iPhone 4, the camera has been further improved, with a respectable 5 megapixel with flash. This makes for excellent imaging fixed and the impressive capabilities of the videos. The video can be turned into a stunning HD 720p, which must be seen to be believed



-. Provide endless opportunities

The world famous AppStore currently contains more than 225,000 applications, covering all. niche and category imaginable. This is what makes the iPhone one of the world's most versatile devices because it allows users to transform their phone anything from a bubble level for a pool table for a console standalone games. Of course, it goes without saying that the integration of social networking is a big part of the iPhone 4. FaceBook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter and others have dedicated application on the AppStore that allow users to instantly access their accounts on these sites.


The all-new Retina Display.


measures 3.5 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen is capable of displaying up to 16 million colors within a pixel layout of 640 x 960. This gives the iPhone 4 one of the highest levels of clarity and display quality available. Of course, Apple has long been known for their sophistication when it comes to the touch best boston bruins iphone 5 cases screen technology. It is therefore not surprising that they have integrated it into the screen of the iPhone 4, giving it the feel and response rate, you can not find on an Apple product.


Thanks to generous offers available, it is surprisingly easy for everyone to get their hands on one of these technological masterpieces. This review has only scratched the surface of soccer iphone 5 cases what is available with the Apple iPhone 4 and versatility and all round prowess is testament to its popularity.

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