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Nov 26, 2013
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Rating: 0  , More attractive iPhone 4 Innovations marred by slow networks  , More attractive iPhone 4 Innovations marred by slow networks  , More attractive iPhone 4 Innovations marred by slow networks  , More attractive iPhone 4 Innovations marred by slow networks  , More attractive iPhone 4 Innovations marred by slow networks

More attractive iPhone 4 Innovations marred by slow networks

Normally, id probably be excited about the iPhone 4 today announcements, and new features including 720p video recording, video chat (Apple calls FaceTime) and even the availability of watching Netflix on iPhone. What bothers me is that the hardware innovations introduced by Apple have homer simpson iphone 5 cases exceeded the capacity of mobile networks to support these features.

If there were not so many, but perhaps I would be very excited about the new iPhone 4 ads for its new features, especially on the function of 720p video recording and the ability to video chat, called Apple FaceTime, and even the ability to watch Netflix on the iPhone 4. But the shortage is the fact that Apple innovations unsurprisingly exceeded the capacity of networks to manage the support of all these new mobile features.

The reason for concern is not only AT & T and its very wrong 3G network. For example, during the recent Steve Jobs Keynote WWDC, users attending via Wi-Fi have overloaded the network so that the work could not even perform some of his demos. Several times during the keynote, Steve Jobs had to ask the livebloggers close their Wi-Fi so it can continue with the demos. Can you believe that?

So, it did not come as a surprise when AT & T made an announcement about its new data plans, dropping the word unlimited them. Looks like they've realized theyd bandwidth necessary to have all these new innovations to come. Really, the waves of users trying to use all the new bandwidth intensive features on the slope of AT & T network be imagined if everyone had access to the data without restriction. Most likely, 3G infrastructure, and even that of Wi-Fi (if you're in the same room with many other Wi-Fi users) will not be able to support the most attractive features of the new iPhone 4. What are we talking about here, even if traveling somewhere in Las Vegas for an event that you can find yourself unable to make a regular phone call because the network is overloaded? Now imagine what will happen when consumers are unable to access also send an e-mail and other services we can not live without today and the reason is the weakness of the network! Is there a way to have a camera if you can not use it while all the others are also using them? Theres a list of bandwidth-heavy iPhone 4 innovations. Lets start with the video camera that can record video in 720p at 30 frames p / sec. It is located at the rear of the device, but is easily accessible even if you are eligible for the iPhone 4 on your device. The estimate weighing 720p video 2 minutes about 50 MB, it can be calculated that the load via a very fast internal network (with a wide bandwidth of 12.5Mbps) have only 30 seconds . However, in most cases, users can consider themselves lucky if they have access to 1 Mbps upload speed, which increases the download time up to 6 minutes. Another application, iMovie lets you send video in MMS and e-mails and upload to YouTube via the network, but back in the real world, most consumers will

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wait to come home and sync iPhone with their computer to upload the video on a better network. In addition to speed, theres also a factor to save bandwidth cap. Speaking of FaceTime video chat application, it is worth mentioning that only works on Wi-Fi network, which means that the application is simply not good enough for 3G. In addition, it can only work if you have other iPhone 4 owners on the other side, which limits your ability to have a video conversation with someone you love. Bearing in mind that its sometimes difficult to get people to even register for Skype to video chat with them, it may not be a problem. Think of all these limitations: To run FaceTime, both parties need to have the iPhone 4, and to find a Wi-Fi network that is not too busy. This is the biggest problem, as Wi-Fi connections may not be good enough, even for Skype running on the regular computer. Maybe thats too many conditions for two people to video chat with each other. One would like the only requirement would be just the same, just in case? The only solution that comes to mind is Apple or simply develop their own network to provide quality services for applications buy apples. This is what users can get really excited about.

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