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xiaomin wu
Jun 12, 2012
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Rating: 0  , England right-back full game  , England right-back full game  , England right-back full game  , England right-back full game  , England right-back full game

England right-back full game

England right-back full game

England right-back full game is not active assists not, his passing several of up to 45 times, in the team after attacking conversion core parker, but at the same time, he's lost the ball high number also amazing and 15

nike nfl jerseys cheap times, just below the row in the second team James milner, worse, glen Johnson assists efficiency is extremely low, a few times are full of hot air plug in assists, but never make any threat to France. 9 minutes, glen

cheap Air Max 2011 Johnson is no purpose's cross, directly by the French players stopped and on-site fighting back, franck ribery ball is terry's older bigfoot destroy the danger. 20 minutes, glen Johnson is on the right of direct cross sent out the left sideline. 51 minutes, Steven gerrard accurate long transmission to

Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys the right open, glen Johnson did not choose the first time crosses, but juggling type to the ball had franck ribery, the result was the player for a foot ball damage. 58 minutes, glen Johnson is the right form breakthrough, but were defense's franck ribery grab the body position, the English infamous lost the ball. On 61

nike air max 2012 minutes, glen Johnson in the front and the left are teammates slips the circumstances, it would play the ball ke smart, results just to make a move was stealing the ball, the French on-site counterattack, fortunately Steven gerrard put to destroy the shovel in his high speed of witnessing. The most exciting

nike air max 90 inflicted upon the tongue orders the scene in the 66th minute, glen Johnson is the right after cutting inside to his left foot shot, the ball as the rockets general is almost vertical straight towards the end, time booed. In addition to attack not to

cheap nike free run force, glen Johnson defense is still not a worry, the 19 minutes, he headed back to the forehead is sent to the ball to the edge of the box, fortunately hart attack in time, and didn't let franck ribery JianLou to succeed. 47 minutes, patrice evra's find franck ribery, glen Johnson YiMaPingChuan of open space for the bundesliga behind (the Po) under the WangLiu witnessing the generous space, to catch up on a failure to terry to avoid the England played right detonation of awkward. The defense also no wonder hodgson had to quality relying heavily on James milner. Nowadays, James milner attack ability is insufficient, glen Johnson's assists efficiency is poor, so the entire England right corridor completely lost attacking force, England on the right of the most offensive threat that can only rely on high quality Steven gerrard set-pieces crosses and cruising to the side of the chamberlain

nike free run 3.0in the dictionary of breakthrough. Think back to the euro for eight years ago with that England, when the team TianZun level of Beckham or the right wing, and is proving inconclusive behind the Gary neville, also not XiLi running of the boss

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