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Mar 13, 2012
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Rating: 0  , the enLarge Wallets trance of the gate  , the enLarge Wallets trance of the gate  , the enLarge Wallets trance of the gate  , the enLarge Wallets trance of the gate  , the enLarge Wallets trance of the gate

the enLarge Wallets trance of the gate

the enLarge Wallets trance of the gate

ye, front desk guest is waiting, hurry back!.Fathers son returned to the front desk.On the stage is still song board dance unlined upper garment, touching on, have not seen the play not to give up;The Yao three drink so have four will, not today have a drink who also not the wish of the die;Have to lively claim to go to see the bride of bridal chamber, between people came to the door beat chamber.Bridal chamber door XuanDengJieCai, big on the door of a bright red cold gold couplet:Du fu's poetry third sentenceThe first chapter jiangnan musicHengPi is:ZhongGu joy ofAll in the doorway look along while, couldn't understand, people's daughter-in-law female marry Wristlets marry marry, naturally chose the popular melodious rhythm grain I, appropriate home's grand room of such subsidiary, this fathers son pour good, make this a pair of who also doesn't understand what the couplet son hanging in the bridal chamber the door. They are talking about, and, behold, ZhuMou = (left earth right wei) come over, know that he is the son of the father, Mr. Let him to tell you about. The original fathers son this league, part of the WuYanShi implied du fu: 'the long drought meet the rain, in exile from home, their first night, made when the title the third sentence, said it was' their first night'!Bottom allied refers to the book of songs of the first chapter: cage JuJiu, the river of state, in my fair lady, gentleman good qiu. men and women mutually yue, 'gentleman good qiu', not be the married at this when they heard this ZhuMou = (left earth right wei) explanation, family all the close call up good to: fathers son this good knowledge, even married best union also and others don't, zhu's eight teams seem rejuvenation of hope in the body of the fathers son can't be wrong.Bridal chamber at the enLarge Wallets trance of the gate of the beam, and try to be unique to hang a turn the circle of the headless koala character, top write:Bridal chamber flower reflect light rosy clouds minutely window screening add brightAll around the door in see, the left to see right to see, and whisper along while, who also can't work out, or and meet the games and suggestive made fun of the bride and bridegroom, gradually spread their home.Fathers and see a father son back, went straight to bridal chamber, nurse Mr Of bridal chamber will hide door, also back the rest room.Fathers can not consider of a daNew Coach Outlet y the strain of the son, came to the bride in front, slightly things looked for a while, to

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