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Mar 27, 2012
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Vividly, others are the echo.These people were talking and laughing once, during the LiYuHe SongJia strike up a conversation with no one, he went to the factorcoach chelsea collection y director office. The factory director in the office and loud for quite a while, quick to noon time, all these people go by car, estimate is to eating out....... Of course is LiuSongNian factory director HuYunChu fete deputy manager.Li yu to HuYunChu or very clear. HuYunChu 54 years old this year. Once the factory director, about six years at the time. This person was of a suspicious nature, and a cunning. When he on the surface to smile you, probably is ready to use the tip of tong behind WoZi your heart.HuYunChu always will use material to lobby people to do his will, and with a pay talking mouth, can put the dead live said. He said every word the purpose, is to let the other people as he used, let the other people willing to work for him. And his words are standing on the corners of, have no a reason things he will also said to be his principle, the wrong always others.The HuYunChu marxism-leninism level or very high, at the same time he also can take social fashion a set of philosophy and he thinks fit of saying to deal with he wanted to deal with. Let to talk with him he said completely convinced, according to his words had to do, have to believe and accept his words. In front of a gentleman is an orthodox factory director, is an integritcoach handbags y of the communist party member. In those little guys he is a front have the ability and the energy, and means tough dictator, sometimes is a social rascal.All in all, HuYunChu always in view of the different objects with the transformation from the color of his own. He is the person that sell still let person help he counted the money. Is that set sleek, cunning, hypocrisy, and changeful, adventure, greed, venomous with a Wolf of the character has an allele. And so of person together let people insecure, not necessarily what time he will set a trap let others into, or dig down a trap to jump.Li yu in financial when accounting, natural unavoidable and HuYunChu deal with. Hu factory director in the economy is not very clean, it not only li yu know, other people in the factory all know. HuYunChu do these things deceive others were hiding from, which could fool li yu HuYunChu of courage to but a, and ordinary people can't do he dares to do.These things HuYunChu from think to do flawless, but everybody's eyes are discerning, see in the eye, just due to the director of hiscoach purses mercy of dare not say just. May HuYunChu such people is this kind of IQ, he always put others as a fool, but he also was not clever.When the leadership in all economic how many a problem, if someone said that he didn't get cheaper, it is pure deceitful, but some get much, you get less just.The ruling, just don't give out or didn't give their good take advantage of cadre. And the name of the left is up just a few. Some ruling from the inside of the heart don't want to give out good, this is really the upright, but rarely. Some upright or other factors to startled out of benefits, this also is rare, strengthen the rights and cadres of the legal

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