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Mar 27, 2012
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supervision is to make a large number of such a ruling.But in the objective is not a little not ruling accounted for cheap, at least right bigger than others, a house to live better than other people a little bit better, a little higher than others treatment, hand a little official consumption dinner party, know more, the same to convenient point. As long as the benefits get less, or remove those the only get, shouldn't get out is not, the common people have sympathy for common people do so few good thing, this is upright, good official, the common people will remember him for a lifetime of good. Common people on the ruling of the request and not let them than themselves have to poor, and bitter.Most of the ruling of the second when. Other people LouQian time has some on the alert and should not grcoach sunglasses eed of is not greed, corruption and want to pay attention to strategy. Like cat e excrement to rape had formed a cover to cover, this also is regarded as a gentleman the love of money take youdao it. But HuYunChu can't be upright, his more daring, can not greed of greed of him all don't pass, as long as the opportunity he laid hands on him.As above the dial to a factory down QianMing wen regulation is special fund is special, be used to give workers pay replacement. Can HuYunChu dare take to do otherwise, then all of that money into the pockets of his personal. The workers some people don't know to dial writes down the money.This account then don't know how to go, li yu is not clear. This account is WangLingLong do, but I'm sure that this account is MingHuangHuang on there, WangLingLong and no way to make flawless. But no one came to check above, if someone to check, it was a big hole.Li yu to box was the biggest rogue HuYunChu this factory today but openly to check the security measures, and is so disrespectful, play is so lifelike and convincing. Li yu heart now said, these things outside the iron that thief is enough, but to similar HuYunChu such inside is helpless, only with the financial system to prevent such a thief in black hand into the.Unfortunately have which unit financial system can play the role of the iron, it is not the only one leader, and want to do with how to do it. The iron things is a decoration, is to give people who come to see a thief.In order to achieve the purpose of HuYunChu individual, in the financial system will have to optional. To li yu business level in financial is highest quality people, not may not know how to get accounts should, and could not be unaware of the ficoach sunglasses nancial system requirements. But HuYunChu is whether these, as long as he is willing to he asked li yu of it to do according to him, and he no matter what system not system.Li yu insist on a few times, but the arm twisting but thigh. As an accounting don't listen to the director's, but to go to the financial system, the accounting also will lose its prized, so the relationship between the two individuals gradually rusty. Later because one thing two personal relationship will thoroughly LongJiang. Li yu lost HuYunChu trust.Once, the daughter of HuYunChu admitted to the university. To the factory greatly small character, for example, it provides a close and the opportunity to honour thy father and thy HuYunChu. The director's daughter admitted to the university, of all this is a great event, plant people move.Some people would have got my bonus to HuYunChu of home, is a congratulations, said some flattering words of praise, in addition is also take this opportunity to give HuYunChu meaning once, hope he can give attention after. Usually holiday when these people will return to the house of HuYunChu of door, to leadership in the work of thank the support, close to yourself and the distance between the leadership after please the leader to take care of. Said see also is for HuYunChu invited point there from his and benefits. Now just HuYunChu daughter admitted to the university, catch up with such a chance these people which can pass. From HuYunChu daughter reccoach wallets wristlets eived a notice before the report until this time, these people will not idle, to the house of HuYunChu MenJianEr are going to overcome this. Less thirty thousand five hundred, owe HuYunChu human of thousands of, the demands of

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