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Abdullah Al Zakir Hossain

Abdullah Al Zakir Hossain is the pioneer of He planned the complete design of ConveyLive from scratch, set the project framework, database design, implemented the Search Engine Optimization, made the design template, managed the project and developed all solutions. He integrated the design solutions and performed thorough testing and critical bug fixing. His workaholic nature and complete determination has brought ConveyLive this far. Contact:


We the members of team are grateful and thankful to the Almighty Allah for all the blessings that had led ConveyLive.

Our sincere appreciation and gratitude for Mr. Shanto, the owner of Ultima Web Solutions, for being helpful by providing server solutions for, the flexibility with the server configuration according to our needs and support for

We are grateful to all our teachers for enlightening us with useful knowledge. Our endless thanks and gratitude remains our beloved parents for their assistance, encouragement, love and support.

During our development the most dedicated friend was of course our personal computers without which our projects would have been impossible.